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Get to San-Fu

Public transport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport →San-fu Leisure Farm: around NT2200 (4-seat)
Taipei → San-fu Leisure Farm:Around NT1200-1400 (4-seat)
Luodong Train Station → San-fu Leisure Farm:Around NT 250 (4-seat)


2.Public transport:

Airport →Sanfu:http://www.sanfufarm.com.tw/transportation.pdf

Taipei → Luodong Train station:
Taiwan Railway:http://www.railway.gov.tw/tw/ticketprice_excel.aspx
Capital Bus:
Kamalan Bus:http://www.kamalan.com.tw


Driving to San-Fu

1.Taking the No.5 Highway: Get off of the Luodong Expressway and go all the way down to the T at the end of the road, then turn right on Zhong Shan Road (Tai 7 Bing) heading to Luo Dong. Drive all the way to Guang Rong Road and turn left. Go over the bridge and continue all the way though to the third stoplight heading to Wan Shan, Ren Shan Plant Park, and Zhong Shan Recreation Farm Area (Yi Line 34, Yi Cheng Road, Section 3) and turn right. Go to the end of the road (about 2.7 km, until you see a brown sign) and turn right towards Ren Shan Plant Park. This will take you to San Fu Garden.

2.From Hualien and Su’ao: From Hualien and Su’ao, take Provincial Highway 9 heading to Luodong and Dong Shan. Pass Dong Shan Township Farmer’s Association (about 0.6 km) and turn left towards Meihua Lake (Yi 30). Go straight on Yi Cheng Road for 2.2 km and turn left again at the fork in the road heading towards Ba Bao. Go straight for 1.2 km and when you come to the intersection turn left (heading towards the Zhong Shan Recreation Farm Area and Ren Shan Plant Park) and continue until you arrive at San Fu (2.7 km).

3.Taking the train: Get off of the train at the Luodong stop and take a taxi to San Fu (about 9 km or 15 minutes away).