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Healthy and Light, Family Style


San-Fu stresses the importance of low-oil, low-sodium, and healthy food choices in its cooking, all of which help to lessen the burden the food takes on the human body. San-Fu also restricts itself to using local ingredients, which helps to reduce the burden on the environment. It is for these reasons that San-Fu has drawn in many frequent customers who enjoy its light fare. Tables are limited by reservation. Please call early to make reservations!

★ Chinese Family Style Cuisine: 8 dishes, plus soup
    and a fruit dish (10 people/table)
★ NT 3500 minimum per table
    (Two bottle drinks & Tax are included)。
★ Seating limited to reservations
★ Please email us for a menu: sanfufarm@gmail.com
★ A 10% service charge is added during Chinese New