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Adventure Education

Breakthroughs and corporate training.

(Best suited for reservation groups of 15 or more.)

Adventure learning is also known as experiential learning, expeditionary learning, or PA class. In Taiwan, educational institutions and corporations will use one of these several names to describe the same educational process. The objective of this style of education is to allow learners to learn by participating in the event and reflecting on the experience. Learners will be guided by and gained advice from the trainer. What the student takes from the process may be then applied to the real world. Adventure education is often used for personal breakthroughs, group motivational training, and corporate training. The trainer in this type of education may use the equipment and settings specific to each event in creating the course plan to account for different types of educational needs.


Site Rental

Plan and Payment Types

Item Content


1 Day
(High- and Low-rise Balance Line)

1 Day
(Low-rise Balance Line+Discussion)

2 Days, 1 Night

2 Days, 1 Night

★ Event site 2 hrs

★Low-rise Balance Line
2 hrs
★ High-rise Balance Line
4 hrs(with on-site safety

★ Low-rise Balance Line 4hrs
★ Meeting Room 4 hrs

★Event site 2 hrs
★Low-rise Balance Line 2 hrs
★High-rise Balance Line 8 hrs(with on-site safety instructor)
★Meeting Room 4 hrs
★1 Night Stay(1 bed / guest)
★Chinese Style Breakfast

★Event site 4 hrs
★Low-rise Balance Line 4hrs
★Meeting Room 8 hrs
★1 Night Stay(1 bed / guest)
★Chinese Style Breakfast




Working Days

Working Days


★ 1 safety instructor / 20 students. Groups less than 10 people must pay a safety instruction fee of NT$1000

★ Advisor Fees: starting at NT$4000/student/hour

★ Weekend & Holiday : Includes Saturdays and holiday periods

★ Weekday : Includes Sundays through Fridays and the last day of holiday periods

★ Chinese Style Breakfast:Rice, Mantou and 5 accompaniments (NT$60 for each diner that exceeds the reservation number)

★ Chinese Family Style Cuisine: 8 dishes, plus soup and a fruit dish (10 people/table), NT$2750 minimum per table.