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Environmental Education

Close to nature, experience nature,

Ever since the beginning of San-fu leisure farm, we have held our enthusiasm in protecting the land and the natural environment. With the combination of seasonal climate, San-fu provides the natural habitat for diverse plant and wildlife to live according to the food chain relationship. Since the establishment of San-fu farm, we held the principle of respecting the nature by forgoing the use of unnatural chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These conditions allow the plants grow naturally in the garden, in the meantime, providing the natural food source for the wildlife here.

We believe that through maintaining a natural environment, it provides the bridge for human to be close to nature; to experience the nature; to learn about the nature; and to feel the inseparable link between nature and human being. Hence, it brings about the enlightenment of human’s sense of environmental action. We also hope through obtaining appropriate environmental knowledge and skills, our guests will treasure the precious nature and environment with us to pursue the goal of sustainable harmony between human and the nature.


About San-fu Nature Centre