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Hours of Operation:10:00~17:00  Closed on Tuesdays (for groups reservation please contact us)

Ticket Price:NT$100/Person. Ticket price can be waived in a complete package. (Food/Accommodations/DIY/Souvenirs.) Anyone under 90cm gets free admission.

  • Sightseeing/Meal(Non-guests) Please park vehicles in the large parking lot outside of the ticket-purchasing area.
  • Do not bring outside food.
  • Fire is forbidden in the garden so as to preserve its sensitive ecology.
  • Please make sure to help clean up after any pets you bring into the area. Also, be sure to look after the pets and wildlife within the garden.
  • Grills and similar items are absolutely not allowed in the garden; cooking fires are also not allowed. Violators must pay a NT$5000 garden maintenance fee.
  • We do not provide any utensils rental.